Hallo darling readers,

Yes, it seems I have fallen of the face off the planet. Life will forever have its trials to test those that are graced with this breathing gift. It becomes harder and harder to pass the more you immerse yourself; the more you realize that sometimes suffering is part of the game. You find your niche, you find your pals, and then in an instant your walls can crash for better or for worse. If you have seen me in world, it’s more than likely been on a brief expedition to shop, pick up food of the Meeroos, or attend auctions (either arranged by myself or to sell off my own ‘roos). Oh, or enslave others under the hold of industrial sets. But, either way, I rarely stray from them now. It’s like having that science fair experiment you spend day in and day out trying to perfect and get complete to win first prize, and you keep on sucking it up, haha. So far, the Meeroos have been genetic fun for me and in the long road of investing, I hope I can breed out some wonderful babies to share and earn all those Linden dollars back. Eitherway, if you’re ever searching, I will more than likely be in their cute company.

So, I thought today: Why the hell not. I ventured out for a photo in order to blog for you all. There have been alot of releases and happenstances going on, and I truly hope I can surface enough to share them all with you. Aikea Rieko of Plastik has released some fantastic platform boots by the name of Arke, and I find myself pairing them up with every ensemble I can. Collabor88 has also opened up to the public, filled with some lovely designers sharing hair, clothing, shoes, furniture, skins, and more for only 88L$ this round. Grenade-Free Wednesdays, on the Jersey Shore Sim, courtesy of Jade Winthorpe of *Epic*, offers some wonderful items for just 75L$. So definitely don’t miss out. The grid-wide Depraved! Urban Wreckage Hunt is also in full swing (and hell, I’ve been even too lazy to sim hop and do that, so you all can do it for me and find some rad and free items).

Style Card –
skin: Illusory – Skin_Cocoa | Collabor88 Exclusive
eyes: -Sorry.Asia- Never.Fantasy (4)
hair: .+*HS*+. Hair ::RAIO:: Black | Gacha Machine
piercings: .pekka. Cruel Piercing
.pekka. Moist Piercing
eyepatch: Maus Eyepatch
horns: [Turquoise.Unicorn] Tri Uni Horn – War Paint (Red)
ears: Nox. Large Plug [Marble] | Past Where is… Hunt Item
collar: Fet!sh – BDSM Ring-Sation – Collar – Black Rubber
nails: [MANDALA] Takara Nail & Ring
rosary: (NS) Hand Rosary
garther: LOULOU&CO – A Small Cutting?
outfit: Part of *Epic* Stayed Overall Set | {Exclusive} Grenade-Free Wednesdays (on Jersey Shore Sim)
top: Suicidal Unborn! Good Morning Top
skirt: tarnished – Ruffles Circus Jerk Black | Marketplace only
boots:  Plastik. Arke Boots – Leather Dark



Moment Of Fade

And hallo doves~

It should be known that, of course, I’ve been a wandering spirit across the grid. I’ve been weaving in and out of Hair Fair 2011 with glee, as well as poking and prodding at the addictive gacha machines at the Community Thrift  & Trade Event, courtesy of Emily Kaestner of croire. The month of July has just been jampacked with fun shopping experiences and I’m sure there are more surprises to come. Speaking of which, the lovely Keira Seerose and CHIC Management have opened a beautiful CHIC Limited sim for you to partake your shopping habits in. The outlet event is ‘Fashionably Late’, which is all too ironic on my part. These events will be taking place every week, beginning at 4pm SLT on Sunday~ so keep a look out!

skin: Al Vulo! – Pollon ‘Million Dollar Baby Peach’ (Hlin Bluebird)| Grunge Soul Project
makeup: DAMNED – Tribal Makeup (DAMNEDshop Resident)
eyes: Plastik. Haunt Collection – Hera’s Gold (Aikea Rieko)
lashes: ATOMIC Lashes – Desire (Ivy Graves)
ears: [GLUE INK] ~ Sculpted Metallic Ear Plugs (Becks Ysabel & Andi Rage)
piercing: .Pekka. Cruel Piercings (Kathya Szczepanski)
glasses: Buried. – Nerdify me! (Naboru Karu)
mouthie: Meow. style – Rubber – Rare Croc & Bird (Eln Alter) | Community Thrift & Trade Event
ink: Onyx Wear Tattoo – Akido (Frank Windlow)
bracelet: MIEL – CHUM bracelet (Miel Nirvana) | Subscribe-O Gift
top: Razorblade Jacket – Knit Halter NERD RAGE (Kehl Razor & Heather Smithson) | Community Thrift & Trade Event
panties: Onyx Wear – “M” Lace Trim Underwear Black Leopard (Frank Windlow)
footwear: .roobix – Nala Legs – Black/Plain Fabric (Mekaila Hinterland)
tail: (pera) – Tied Imp Tail (Digi Pera)
birdie: .roobix. BIRD INFECTION! (Mekaila Hinterland) | Group Gift
pose: BENT! Tribal – Tribal Soyala (Catherine Fairport) | CHIC Limited Event “Fashionably Late”

Safe travels~!


Dear readers,

Let me just say this: Too many releases to keep up with in such a small amount of time. But omfg, thank you so much designers for all the hard work you do to keep us beautiful and shopping sane! Every contribution is a gift of your creativity to those that admire and flaunt the style. And we couldn’t be happier!

My recent expeditions have led me to meet and greet with Syndel Daviau of Tribal Soul Designs and Secrets Hair (in partnership with Beautifully Sinister and Meka Aeon), where I was luckily privileged to become a blogger for the fun-fun hair releases and then some~. Featured below is this month’s group gift called Kadaj. And sure enough, it is styled from the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children character. So woo! Also amongst my recent goodies were the new styled slacks and mini-skirts from Plastik‘s very own Aikea Rieko. She firstly created the variety coloured Aeda slacks that also came with flareleg, skinny cuffs,  mini-skirt, capri, short, and digi-leg options. Now she has added on patterned Aeda texture slacks where my favourite HAS to be the Invaders print. Lovelovelove Space Invaders.

Lastly, session two of Grunge Soul Project will be running until July 21st where there are amazing items for discounted prices thanks to high quality designers who have taken time to contribute for our shopping love. [yulicie] and {Katcide} are only two of the fun stores that have created items for this project, so be sure to visit and check out the countless others for skin, clothes, and accessory goodness!


Credits – Left:
skin: Curio – Airhead | (Past) Truth District Update Group Gift
makeup: DAMNED – Tribal Makeup
eyes: Sorry.Asia – Never.Fantasy (4)
glasses: Buried – Nerdify Me! <Glasses>
piercing: Haus of Darcy – Eternal Piercing
hair: Tribal Soul – Kadaj – Black | July Group Gift

top: {Katcide} Blacked Pack – Bra Plain Black | Session Two – Grunge Soul Project – July 6th to the 21st
top: Mustache – Slub Crochet Cardigan – Charcoal
skirt: Plastik. – Aeda Mini Slit – Cobalt
stockings: Kyoko Couture Socks No.2 – Black Lace
boots: *COCO* Flat Ankle Boots (Black) | Past Group Gift
pose: GLITTERATI – Long Hair – 3 – 3
Credits – Right:
skin: Plastik. Vaila Beta Skin Tone 4 | (Past) La Venta Eventa
eyes: :Little Pricks: Starburst Eyes – Green
glasses: Buried – Nerdify Me! <Glasses>
piercing: Haus of Darcy – Eternal Piercing
hair: Magika Roots Edition – Jess

top: [Yulicie] Die Bitches! Set | Session Two – Grunge Soul Project – July 6th to the 21st
pants: Plastik. Aeda Patterned Slacks – Invaders
arm straps: sinistyle Osiris Arm Straps
belt: Ronsem – Military belt
boots: Kboots – Black
pose: GLITTERATI – Long Hair 3 – 4


Happy 4th of July~!

Salutations all!

It has indeed been some time and I hope I haven’t been missed too badly. There’s been the ups and downs of SL and RL, coupled with those troublesome little Meeroos that I absolutely adore, but, alas it’s the wonderful month of July and I couldn’t be more pumped (despite my down days).

Firstly, there are just so many designers doing so many rad things that it is so easy to be lost in all the awesome. Such is the first bit of news: Truth District. By this time I am sure the entire grid has heard of this new shopping district that has just recently opened, filled with amazing creations that have coupled with Truth Hawks of the wondrous Truth Hair. There are grand opening gifts available exclusively to those who join the Truth District group and visit the participating stores. (Note: Not all stores have gifts out, just a lovely handful and they are pretty rocking.)

Secondly! Hair Fair 2011 IS open, and I’ve been visiting all FOUR of those crazy sims to snag up hairs until I can’t anymore, haha.

Thirdly! Happy Fourth of July everyone (well if you’re in the United States that is)! I’m so pumped for fireworks and the craze that is extended family just gathering for parties and booze (oi). *BOOM* (Aranel Ah) has released a freebie for only a limited time in honour of this day, so hurry to snag it up! *EPIC* (Jade Winthorpe) (not pictured) also has two group exclusive gifts: a red and a blue nautical romper. And they are just darling! Also, for this day, my dove Andel Rhiadra of A.D.D Andel! created a fun fireworks stand prop with fireworks display and a free sparkler giver box! This is available in the Cupcakes sim plaza for now for the Sunday Specials, but will still be available in her store after the 4th! There’s also a July Group gift to be snagged up from her store as well. So… go go go! And be festive. 😀

skin: Curio – Airhead | Truth District Update Group Gift (Available in the notices)
hair: (R E D) M I N T ~ Hair No.11 (F) ~ Red Organdy | Hair Fair 2011
eyes: -Sorry.Asia- Never.Fantasy (4)
lashes: [ATOMIC] Lashes – Desire
               [ATOMIC] Liner – Wings
bikini: *BOOM* 4th of July 2011 | FREEBIE!
ink: {Junebug} – Tattoo – forever | SL Marketplace
flip-flops: [NV] FLIP FLOP ~TIKI~
nails: [ Love Soul ] Prim nails + Ring*Lady in love*Silver
Pose: MAGNIFIQUE – Pin Up Pose 4
Props: A.D.D Andel! – Fireworks Stand! (Free Sparkler Box! :D)


Here’s A Heart

“Did I ever tell you about how I wake up in the middle of the night,

and there’s this thumping in my head?

My pulse is on the rise, and it tears me up inside.

Here’s the heart you yearned for: take it, break it, set it free.

But you shall never own it.”


Hallo readers!

Have you ever been SO wrapped up in personal projects that you just can’t juggle everything at once? Well, that is where I have been. I’ve rolled around with my Meeroos and while I am not a hardcore breeder, I’m doing my best to pamper my babies and hope they pop out pretty coated and lovely eyed offspring. Also, if you haven’t heard I’m currently a Meeroo Auctioneer at The Borough! So, if you have any rare traited babies, or have friends who do, contact me in-world and we can put on a show! Here’s a simple look of the day that I’ve been keeping to myself after rummaging through new and old items. The CH1C Birthday Event will be going on until tomorrow, June 19th, so be sure to prance on over there and show some belated birthday congratulation love. With everything look up, I hope to keep everything active and give you more photoshoots to oogle at! Enjoy for now!


skin: Al Vulo! Miha – Peacock 2
eyes: :Little Pricks: Starburst Eyes – Pink
liner: [ni.ju] Makeup – Black Eyeliner B02
lashes: [ATOMIC] Lashes – Wings
hair: Magika – Roots Edition – Jess
piercings: [ni.ju.] Amaterasu Left Eye Piercing
                   [ni.ju] Zipper Lip Ring
top: TOXIC KITTY Hello Sailor! Top Dollarbie
shorts: *BOOM* – Feel Free Shorts (CH1C Birthday Edition)


CH1C Birthday Event!

Dear readers,

Ohdear, I certainly am the lagmistress and belated to this party. However, I had to make the designers proud and be fashionably late to this lovely occassion. CHIC Management is celebrating their one year birthday alongside all of their wonderful collaberating friends and family, and you’re invited! There are exclusive skins, outfits, and accessories that will only be available at this event, so be sure to dress yourself to impress and hop on over! I’ve decided to showcase Magoa‘s (Keira Seerose) bodysuit creations paired with Exile‘s (Kavar Cleanslate) enticing hair release since they were two of the first items I recieved and picked up, and you can get them to until June 19th!

Visit the CHIC Birthday Venue!

skin: [Al Vulo! Skin] – Miha – Red Cleavage Peach
hair: Exile – Voodoo Roots – Sunset | CH1C Birthday Event
eyes: Turquoise Unicorn – Sad Story- Mermaid Bones
lashes: ATOMIC – Liner – Wings
ears: Nox. Medium Plug [Marble] | Past [:Where is…HunT:]
piercings: Haus of Darcy – Eternal Piercing
outfit: Magoa. Not That Kind Of Girl Bodysuit – [Black] | CH1C Birthday Event
heels: Mstyle – GOSHI Pumps – Black
ink: Endless Pain Tattoos – Wicked Hunt Prize
bracelets/nails: [MANDALA] TAKARA Bangle – Black Fur, Leather, Nail & Ring
pose: Visavi Pose Pack 1 – Touch Me, I Am Real

Happy Birthday, CHIC!

Bittersweet Symphony

Dear readers,

Here is a late night post, as I am running about here and there like a chicken with its head cut clean off. Haha. But, at least I am keeping busy and not completely being lazy about the wild grid. There is so much going on and so little time, and I truly hope you can be patient and let me feed you the news! Tonight’s post is some love to Ms. Divinna Ansar of .::Divine::. . This is actually my first time wearing her designs and I am completely in love with her latest release known as Hollywood Shirt. It’s an oversized tunic top shirt with short sleeves, ending right at the mid-thigh and possessing a wondrous and whimsical animal print that definitely stands out. It’s stylish and chic to boot! Pair it with your favourite pumps and dominate the city.

Visit .::Divine::. !

skin:  Apple May Designs – Teegan – Deep Tan – Steamy
hair: Truth – Nyssa – Auburn
eyes: -Sorry.Asia.- Never.Fantasy (1)
piercings: Haus of Darcy – Eternal Piercing
shirt: Divine – Hollywood Shirt | New Release
heels: Surf Couture – Spring Fling Wedges – Blackberry
pose: R.icielli – FASHION POSES 02 / pose 05